Margaret Rodgers, centre, (HSF) Presenting Sarah Donohoe (SJOG) & Michael O’Flanagan (ASIAM) with grant cheque of €13,500

We are delighted to announce that Hospital Saturday Fund has generously supported our joint partnership project with ASIAM, Ireland's National Austism Charity, to produce three different ‘gold standard’ autism resource packs. 

These resource packs are for parents/guardians starting, or exploring, the journey behind getting an autism assessment for their child, as well as the steps that follow such an assessment.

The first resource pack has been produced with young people and their families in mind, it has been designed specifically for those who have yet to be assessed for autism.

The second pack is intended for young people who have recently been assessed for autism.

The third pack explores autism in girls which we know tends to present differently to autism in boys.

The first resource pack can be downloaded here