St. John of God Kildare Services Alexandra Manor is a respite service for children aged between seven and eighteen. It also provides respite to adults living with an intellectual disability.

The service is provided to both groups on alternate weeks. Individuals who avail of respite are supported by a team that comprises of a social care leader, nurses and social care workers. The centre consists of a two storey dwelling that provides a range of supports for a maximum capacity of five individuals. The length of stay varies from two to seven nights, and depends on the needs of the individual, and the needs of their families.

Each person who avails of a respite break is supported to access, and participate in, a wide range of meaningful social activities, leisure pursuits and outings in the local community. For children, the maximum number that can be accommodated at any one time is four, and for adults, that number is five.

Alexandra Manor Respite is in desperate need of supplies, sensory support equipment, and also a new bus. We have comprised a wish list which we hope will be a helpful guide for those wishing to donate, volunteer and/or fundraise.

If you can help in anyway to support the  children & adults of our community i.e. make a donation, share your time, or your skills, or if you have an event coming up, which you might fundraise for on our behalf, we would be most grateful!

Wish List