The 2010 census showed that there are over 66,000 people in Ireland living with an intellectual disability.  This underpins the huge importance of our Community services. 

Services offered across the country provide vital support to children and adults with intellectual disabilities, allowing them to embrace and enjoy life and its many milestones. Active community participation is encouraged by providing individually tailored, practical assistance from childhood right up to retirement. 

Kildarton preschool Dublin South East Services

Support offered varies from help with household tasks while enjoying independent living right up to residential services providing 24 hour care.  Day care services provide a meaningful way to spend time. Dedicated staff are trained to promote independence and community engagement which shines through in the work that they do.

Cintra Nurseries Dublin South East Day Services

Specific educational needs of those with learning disabilities are catered for by our schools, training and adult day services across the country which focus on life preparation, social integration and lifelong learning.  Individuality is recognised and celebrated allowing each person to flourish in their own unique way. Essential respite services offer family care givers a break. Many people in Ireland are full time carers for their loved ones in addition to other commitments, so an opportunity to relax and focus on other areas of their life from time to time is massively important. 

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