Our responsibility to all our stakeholders, especially the individuals availing of our services and our donors is reinforced by our compliance with Guiding Principles for Charities and the external regulatory environment.

Our Regulation

We raise money for a variety of services in Ireland and abroad with diverse and complex funding requirements.  We strive to be as transparent as possible in all our operational and fundraising activities.  If you would like your donation to go to a particular service you can donate through the Appeals section of the website and your donation will go straight towards that cause.

We are a registered charity (number CRA 200698841). Annual tax returns are filed with the Revenue Commissioners (CHY18280) and Annual Financial Accounts are available for public scrutiny. 

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Our financial accounts are prepared in accordance with FRS102 Charities SORP as issued by the Charity Commission Office and the office of Scottish Charity regulator.

All fundraising activities are carried out with reference to The Guiding Principles of Fundraising.

We are on the journey to full compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance.  The appointment of new independent directors is an example of the steps we are taking to improve in the area of Governance.