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A resource to empower and assist parents as they begin their autism journey

26.01.22: Today, Saint John of God Foundation in association with AsIAm launched a new resource entitled “Understanding Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis”for parents and guardians of autistic children. The resource was commissioned on response to a high volume (approximately 500 emails) of correspondence from parents and guardians following assessment and diagnosis.

Today’s publication is the second of a three-part series of supports for the autism community between the two organisations and is available in hardcopy or online. Building on the first publication “Starting the Autism Journey” this new resource aims to equip parents and guardians with the support needed to assist them as they begin their post-diagnosis journey with their autistic child.

Adam Harris, CEO of AsIAm stated 

Today’s launch is all about equipping parents and guardians with the right support and information, as they start their journey with their autistic child. AsIAm along with the Lucena CAMHS have developed this resource in the hope it provides parents and guardians with a starting point as they begin to navigate their journey with the autism community. At it’s most fundamental this a resource to assist and empower parents and guardians”. 


As more and more families join the autism community, it is vital that they are supported with the right information and knowledge, so that they can support their autistic child in the best possible way.


Sarah Donohoe, Head of Programme Partnerships at the SJOG Foundation, says

It has been a great privilege for the Foundation and Lucena CAMHS to partner with AsIAm and to be involved in the publication of ‘Understanding Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis’’. Our hope is that these resource packs will go some way to promoting greater public acceptance and understanding of autism along with a lessening of the impact of delayed identification and childhood stigmatisation


This publication was developed by AsIAm and Lucena CAMHS and funded by the 


Starting the Autism Journey


Autism has enjoyed greater visibility and awareness in Ireland in recent years.

There is nevertheless some uncertainty exists around around how a parent or guardian would go about having their child assessed for autism.

Uncertainty also exists across wider society over what language is appropriate to use when talking about and to those on the autism spectrum.

Produced by Ireland’s National Autism Charity, AsIAm have today published the first of three resource packs for parents/guardians starting, or exploring, the journey behind getting an autism assessment for their child.

The idea behind this resource came from the high volume of families contacting AsIAm daily looking for information and support on getting an autism assessment.

This resource pack offers parents/guardians the knowledge and qualified knowhow in starting the journey towards an assessment for their child.

The guide provides insights on ‘what is autism’, the professionals encountered on an assessment journey, and clarity around what to say when we are talking about autism and the experiences of autistic people.