St. John of God Community Services Malawi

Together we are stronger.

St. John of God Community Services Malawi was established in 1994, first in Mzuzu (Northern Malawi) and in 2012 Lilongwe (central Malawi). Providing community based mental health services, child development services and services for the elderly. 

Our goal is to identify, respond to and support the needs of individuals who are most vulnerable in society.

Programs include:

  • Mental health services
  • Primary health care outreach clinics
  • Residential care for people with acute mental illness
  • Rehabilitation and community re-integration
  • Skill-based training for people recuperating from mental illness and those with other disabilities and special needs
  • Community based rehabilitation for children with epilepsy and a disability
  • Education for children with special needs
  • Early identification and rehabilitation of children with disabilities
  • Rehabilitation and psychosocial support for children living on and in the streets of Mzuzu City
  • Livelihood enhancement for service users and their households

St John of God Malawi also contributes to the training and development of mental health professionals through the College of Health Sciences.