Next Free Prize Draw Takes Place December 2022

Fundraising tickets are €5 and can be purchased from our Door to Door Fundraisers or on our website

Your support goes to the St John of God Community Services who help over 8,000 children and adults everyday.

   July 2022 Winners!
1st  €300 William McNulty, Co.Donegal
2nd €250 Eileen Roulston, Co.Sligo
3rd  €150 Paul Benson, Co.Donegal
4th  €100  Martha Gallagher, Co.Donegal

   September 2021 Winners!
1st  €500 Damien, Inver, Donegal
2nd  €250 Dermot, Glenties, Donegal
3rd  €150 Donal, Lettermacaward, Donegal
4th  €100  Fiona, Killibegs, Donegal

Damien Norrby

   February 2020 Winners!
1st  €300 Mary McDermott,Co.Donegal
2nd  €200 Mary Fanning, Co Dublin
3rd  €150 Ellen Tracy, Dublin 15
4th  €75  Martina Lonergan, Co.Louth

   January 2020 Winners!
1st  €300 Marie Whelan, Co.Longford
2nd  €200 Anne McGowan, Co.Donegal
3rd  €150 Colette Linehan, Co.Cork
4th  €75  Tanya Tiernan, Co.Dublin

 December 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Sara Bridgeman, Co.Dublin
2nd  €200 Tom Callanan, Co Galway
3rd  €150 Marie Murphy, Co Galway
4th  €75  Rory Smith, Co Waterford

 November 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Margaret Moran, Co. Galway
2nd  €200 Eileen Nevin, Co. Galway
3rd  €150 Martin Keaveney, Co. Galway
4th  €75  Alan Beames, Co. Galway

 October 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Anne Lyons, Co.Waterford
2nd  €200 Jane Kiely, Co. Waterford
3rd  €150 Celia Burke, Co. Waterford
4th  €75  Bridie O'Neill , Co. Louth

 September 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Frances Turley , Co. Galway
2nd  €200 Don Graham , Co. Donegal
3rd  €150 Mary Duffy , Co. Cavan
4th  €75  Jim Lawler , Co. Dublin

 August 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Paul O’Keeffe, Co.Dublin
2nd  €200 Joey Meehan, Co.Donegal
3rd  €150 Ann Lane, Foynes, Co.Limerick
4th  €75  Elizabeth Kearney, Co. Louth

 July 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Marion Dunphy, Co.Waterford
2nd  €200 Bridie Leonard, Co.Galway
3rd  €150 Padraic Kenny, Co.Galway
4th  €75  Brenda Prendergast, Co. Waterford

 June 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Ciaran Downes, Co.Dublin
2nd  €200 Paul Carter, Co.Louth
3rd  €150 Sharon Power, Co.Waterford
4th  €75  Rosemary Chapman, Co.Waterford

 May 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Maurice Boyle, Co.Donegal
2nd  €200 Fiona Weldon, Co.Waterford
3rd  €150 Janet Thornton, Co.Louth
4th  €75  Elizabeth Keegan, Co.Dublin

 April 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Stephen Byrne, Co.Donegal
2nd  €200 Kate McCaughley, Co.Dublin
3rd  €150 Irene Wright, Co.Monaghan
4th  €75  Mick Hoey, Co.Westmeath

 March 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Bridie Doyle, Co. Galway
2nd  €200 Geraldine Curham, Co.Waterford
3rd  €150 John Burke, Co. Dublin
4th  €75  Teresa Howell, Co. Louth

 February 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Sean O’Hara, Co.Waterford 
2nd  €200 Bridie Mallon, Co. Longford
3rd  €150 Paul Hutchinson, Co.Waterford
4th  €75  Roy Jones, Co. Westmeath

 January 2019 Winners!
1st  €300 Breda McEvoy, Co. Louth 
2nd  €200 Ciara McKeever, Co. Louth 
3rd  €150 Salman Aslam, Co. Donegal
4th  €75  T Noonan, Co.Dublin

Christmas 2018 Winners
1st  €300 Martin Haley, Co. Kilkenny
2nd  €200 Claire Walsh, Co. Kilkenny 
3rd  €150 Dermot Neary, Co. Louth
4th  €75  Philip Kelly, Co. Louth