St. John of God Community Services Malawi

Together we are stronger.

The Institute of Vocational Training is a rehabilitation Centre that offers Community based vocational skills training to people recuperating from mental illness, those with disabilities and other special needs since 1995.

The programs in the Institute follow a competency based education training approach. This approach is regarded as the best as it addresses the individual needs. Trainees with special needs too respond better to skill based training in this approach other than the knowledge based system.

Providing Catering - Carpentry - Fashion Design - Construction - Horticulture for over 100 people a year.

We follow a continuous process of assessment, which establishes measurable and clear student learning outcomes for learning, provisioning a sufficient amount of learning opportunities to achieve these outcomes, implementing a systematic way of gathering, analyzing and interpreting evidence to determine how well student learning matches expectations, and using the collected information to inform improvement in student learning.