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New Playground & Nature Garden Wish List

The aim of this project is to create a magical, sensory garden that enables accessible play, creativity and exploration for all pupils, surrounded by nature, nestled under our stunning eucalyptus tree.

Every pupil has been considered during the design of the space and the selection of each item in the hope that all pupils feel connected to the area, promoting curiosity and learning.

On entry to the area, pupils and teachers will be greeted with a sensory trail on one side and play / learning equipment on the other. These can be used separately, in succession or freely through child-led play, depending on the needs of the pupils and the teacher’s plans for that day. The range of uses are endless.

A selection of sensory play & exploration items we need for our garden:

Sensory Trail

This walk-way will lead the children to different areas, each of which will focus on appealing to one of the senses. Children can follow the full trail, exploring each area as they go or focus on only one area in depth or as part of a planned lesson.

Sensory Trail


Sensory Perspex Shade Panel's & walkway



The visual area of the sensory trail will include items with a range of colours, reflective surfaces and movement. A key item includes:

Perspex shelter to walk through with swirling coloured patterns that will reflect onto children as they move through.


The auditory area of the sensory trail will include items that create a range of sounds with various levels of interaction and access

Selection of outdoor musical instruments


Large wind chimes in trees

€170 each

 Play Areas

In addition to the sensory trail, a section of the gardens will be given to accommodate a range of play items that incorporate real-world play skills, problem solving skills and motor skill development. 

Mud kitchen (adjusted for wheelchairs)


Wheelchair accessible roundabout