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Convert conservatory into quiet projector room

Our conservatory is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer with little purpose. We would love to convert this into a soft space, that the children could lie down on the padded floors and look up at the ceiling watching projectors of films, creating a magical cinematic experience.

Tracking hoists for new bathroom and for messy playroom upstairs

A tracking hoist provides safe movement for the children and staff.

Large Ball pit for multi-sensory room

Currently our multi-sensory room is incomplete, we would love to finish it and provide the full experience and benefits of multi-sensory play for the children.It is also a safe space where they can stretch out have the sensation of the different textures around them. Having a ball pit allows the children an aspect of play and the sensory stimulation of the different coloured balls.  The colourful balls in a paediatric ball pit allow for visual tracking skill development.

Dry flotation bed for multisensory room

A dry flotation bed would complete our multi-sensory room. This allows children the sensation that they are floating on water with jets and massage features while remaining completely dry. Dry flotation is different to a water bed in that the focus is on relaxation of the muscles and joints. It encourages a feeling of weightlessness and deep relaxation.

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About Suzanne House 

Suzanne House provides specialised individual respite care for children with life-limiting conditions and complex medical needs in a small homelike environment, allowing families to have a well-deserved break, happy in the knowledge that their child is being cared for in a home away from home.

Our children are aged between 1-18 are nonverbal, non-ambulant, are fed via feeding tubes, have severe/profound intellectual disabilities and many other medical conditions that sees them requiring 24 hour nursing support.

In Suzanne house we pride ourselves on offering respite that meets the needs of all of our children while allowing them to have fun and make happy memories on each of their visits.

We strive to make the very happiest of memories for the short time we have them with us.

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