People like Sarah Deserve a Home that Meets their Needs

Please donate now to fund the renovation and staffing of desperately needed accommodation for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Jean is in her seventies. She lives with her husband Andrew and their adult daughter, Sarah.

Sarah is 44 and has a severe intellectual disability. She has lived at home with her parents her entire life. But those parents are elderly now and in no position to be caring for someone whose needs are as complex as Sarah’s.

Sadly, in Ireland today, this is the situation many elderly people find themselves in. Jean and Andrew are exhausted. Andrew’s currently undergoing treatment for cancer and Jean too has had cancer in the past. They shouldn’t be in the position they’re in.

When Sarah was just fourteen, her parents were advised to put her on the waiting list for a residential placement. They were told it could take up to 15 or 20 years for her to be placed. That was 30 years ago.

In Ireland today, Sarah is one of nearly 2,000 adults in urgent need of specialist housing.

Vital renovation work as well as equipping and staffing of more homes are needed to care for people like Sarah. Donations are needed to meet the needs of people living with intellectual disabilities.


The pandemic ensured that years of learning social skills were wiped for people like Sarah, making it very difficult to get back into daycare services. This meant that parents like Jean and Andrew had Sarah, who since Covid suffered separation anxiety, around the house for much longer than they are capable of handling.

Send a donation that will help people like Sarah find the specialist accommodation they need and deserve. With little to no government assistance, these families are desperately counting on you.

This situation is heartbreaking, but unfortunately not uncommon with nearly 2,000 families finding themselves in this predicament.

The bottom line is, people like Sarah deserve a home.

A donation will mean more people like Sarah can be provided with the specialist accommodation they desperately need, relieving elderly parents of a responsibility they’re no longer able to handle.