St. John of God Community Services Malawi

Together we are stronger.

Please Help Provide Clean Water, Food & Medicines

for the Elderly of Malawi

Saint John of God run a special programme for the Elderly in Malawi, when COVID struck in early March we were forced to close the programme leaving many people in need.

We have recently been able to open the programme up again but we don't have the funding for 2021.

Please help support this vital programme for the Elderly in Malawi.

The Elderly Programme

The Elderly Programme was set up to address the lack of medical & social care offered to older people in Malawi.

The Programme also supports older people who have to care for their grandchildren because they lost their own children to AIDS epidemic.

Clean Water

In 2020, as the pandemic arrived into Ireland, we learnt that the kindest, most protective thing we could do for each other was to wash our hands thoroughly several times a day.

With your support we can guarantee that clean water is available to the elderly men and women who access our programmes, enabling them to protect themselves, each other and those with an underlying health condition.

Wholesome Food

One of the core values of Saint John of God is hospitality, it is a value we believe is celebrated every time people come together to break bread. This simple act of sharing a meal is a celebration of our shared humanity, an investment in our future. 

With your support, we can guarantee that the elderly who attend our programmes will have the opportunity to enjoy a mid-day meal together. Empowering them to draw comfort and ease during a time of great difficulty

Essential Medicines

Our Programme provides medical assessments for the Elderly in Malawi, who are poorly served by the health system.

Your support ensures that those in receive the medicines and treatments they require to prevent and treat illnesses