Mary McAleese

On the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Saint Mary of the Angels, former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese spoke of her admiration for all the fantastic work done each and every day by the supporters and staff of Saint Mary of the Angels.


“Martin and I spent an entire day of our honeymoon in March 1976 in St Mary of the Angels. An old family friend Claire Devanney from Belfast was then a nun physiotherapist there doing wonderful work and in her little leisure time she made the beautiful Stations of the Cross for the chapel."

"The place was a powerhouse of loving care for those dear little ones who had been burdened with disabilities. We were enthralled and overwhelmed in equal measure"

"Our hearts were sore for the families of the children.  But we were relieved that such a place existed and that its mission was to provide pathways to the best life possible for those in their charge.  As St Mary of the Angels celebrates a big birthday it is impossible to quantify the debt Ireland owes its staff, supporters, fundraisers, donors and community"

"They brought light where there was darkness and hope where there was heartache. Maybe we will spend our 50th wedding anniversary there for that day in March 1976 gave us memories that have endured.”