Assistive Technology

Over the course of the pandemic many of us have become much more conscious of the crucial role technology plays in keeping us safe, connected and secure.

Thanks to your kind donations we were in a position to provide Islandbridge Special School with a range of assistive technologies (adapted iPads, tablets, laptops, smart phones and learning apps) and these have proved to be a lifeline for the children during the past fifteen months. These technologies empower non-verbal children to communicate both in the classroom and at home, as well as enabling virtual classes to take place at a safe distance.

Virtual classes have included music, mindfulness and exercise and provided a much needed sense of continuity and community during a time of great disruption.

For the children at Islandbridge Special School, access to assistive technology has meant that when the schools were physically closed, their support services remained open and available. 

Community Services Grants

Thanks to the support of donors like you, our community services have been able to apply for Community Service grants to make improvements to the programmes they run.

Since the start of the pandemic many of us have realised just how important parks and gardens are to our wellbeing, and our Community Services were no exception.

Several of the recipients of this year’s grants have utilised funding to produce (or restore) highly innovative sensory and healing gardens for the people who use their services.

These gardens are designed to create a therapeutic outlet for the residential and day service user in an environment that is familiar, safe and secure. Water features, textured plants and brightly coloured fragranced flowers will all be part of a design which is
intended to address the sensory needs of the children and adults who benefit from these services. 

Crisis Intervention and Mental Health Counselling

These days, many of us are more aware of the importance of protecting and maintaining good mental health and with this in mind we are delighted to be in a position to partner with three mental health organisations.

The Koram Centre in Northern Ireland, The Aisling Centre and The Lighthouse, have all been recipients of Foundation funding, facilitating crucial mental health support which include:

• Crisis Intervention sessions
• Counselling
• Systemic Family Therapy
• Psychological Talking Therapy
• Psychotherapy

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