Social farming focuses on peoples potential rather than limitations. 

Social Farming offers people who are socially, physically, mentally or intellectually disadvantaged the opportunity to spend time on a family farm in a healthy, supportive and inclusive environment.

The project provides an opportunity for the people we support to engage in working activities on a farm where they can learn new skills while enjoying physical, mental, social benefits of being involved in a “non-service” community setting.

The project provides an opportunity for people to engage in therapeutic work in the community gaining physical and mental benefits while engaging in physical activities.

It builds self-esteem and self-confidence and also provides a chance to improve their social role. The project has allowed for opportunities to forge links in the community garnering attention for its benefits and uniqueness in the wider community.

The Social Farming project takes place on a working organic farm outside of Summerhill in Co. Meath, the farm is run by a farmer who has a background in psychiatric nursing and social care.