St. John of God Community Services Malawi

Corona in Malawi

With no information, no soap, no clean drinking water and a fragile care system, the corona virus may well cause the biggest
humanitarian disaster Africa has ever faced. Only with your help can we save lives. With your support we can purchase protective
clothing for the staff in our hospitals.

Together we are stronger.

St. John of God Tigania Hospital in Kenya

Tigania, in eastern Kenya, is a place where time seems to stand still. Most people in the area live in poverty. With little education, poor infrastructure and a lack of basic needs,health problems are common.

For the past 20 years, a hospital has been a crucial asset for the region’s people. Each year, more than 20,000 patients turn to the Saint John of God Tigania Hospital. But after 20 years, the hospital now needs your help.

Your generosity: the power to save lives

Can you imagine worrying about losing power in the middle of your surgery? The X-ray failing at a crucial time? Or outdated equipment in the maternity ward or operating room? This is all happening at the hospital.

With your help, the hospital can update vital equipment and continue to provide much-needed care for the people of eastern Kenya.

Materials Required

Your generosity: the power to save lives

New X-ray machine
Operating and research lamp
Oxygen saturation meters for children  
Patient Monitor
Instrument table  
Scissors, scalpels, & tweezers
Electric surgical knife for operations
Autoclave (to sterilize instruments)
Generator to power vital equipment