Learning to Adapt in 2021

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to support those who need us most.

We are privileged to support children and adults across our St. John of God community services they have had a particularly difficult and confusing 2020 and 2021.

Having their all-important routines disrupted while staying apart from the ones they love is difficult, frustrating and draining at the best of times, for it to occur during a global crisis has been a challenge no one expected.

However, it has been a challenge that has been managed and managed well with the support and commitment of our dedicated nursing, occupational therapy and day care teams. 

It is also your donations and support which make this crucial additional support possible and we wish to thank you sincerely for that.

Our aim is to enhance and make more fulfilling and happier the lives of children and adults living with intellectual and physical disabilities.

One of the ways we do this is by providing sensory equipment & therapy, assistive technology and respite care for children & adults living with mild, severe to profound intellectual & physical disabilities.

The impact of Covid-19 has meant that these supports are now even more critical to the people we support and to the well-being of their families too.

  • Sensory Equipment & therapy helps calm fears, frustrations and challenging behaviour at a confusing time.
  • Assistive Technology empowers individuals who are non-verbal to communicate, and allows day programmes to continue at a safe distance.
  • Respite Care supports families with high dependency children by providing them with 24 hour care.